Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 24, 2011


Have you ever been faced with a dilemma, and you had no idea which way to turn or what decision to make? Have you ever been given two opportunities to succeed in life, but you had no idea which career path to take? Each day we are faced with a multitude of different decisions to make from the time we first get up in the morning till the time we go to bed in the evening. When being presented with important decisions, do not feel a need to make up your mind with haste and without caution. Take your time, ponder over the details of the situation, weigh your pros and cons, and pray, pray, pray if you are having difficulty choosing which path to take.

Today I was faced with a very important decision, and at first I had no idea which route on my journey that I should choose. I started a new job last week, and even though it is not the greatest job in the world, the pay is rather good for the area of the country I live in. It's not great wages, but it is better than minimum wage. Today, I had another job interview for a supervisor's position; however, this position pays 75 cents less an hour, but I am guaranteed 40 - 50 hours each week. My plan was to do both jobs, but my plan was halted during my interview today, because the manager refuses to work around another job's schedule, and I am required to be on-call 24/7. So, all afternoon I have been weighing my options while trying to figure out what I should do. One thing I am making sure that I do not do, and that is making a hasty decision before I think things through.

When faced with important decisions, do not feel the need to make your decision right on the spot. It is much better to think things over for a couple of days, especially when making decisions such as career changes. If people demand an answer from you right away just simply tell them that you will need to take some time to think things through. Never feel pressured into doing something that you may not feel 100% comfortable with. Take your time when making important life decisions, and if you make a wrong decision, just learn from your mistake and choose a new decision tomorrow!

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