Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011


How often do you sit around pondering over what you feel that other people may be thinking? This usually happens after a heated argument, or it may happen when we are brooding over people we may not get along with very well. Our mind will work overtime, while churning up ideas that may not even be true. We may waste hours and hours of our precious time and happiness inventing drama in our own minds. If you have ever muttered something similar to what I am about to write, you might be spending way too much time trying to figure out what other people think. 

How many times have you made comments similar to this: "I know what he is thinking! He thinks that I am incapable of accomplishing my goal" or "She thinks she is all that! I will show her!" Do you understand what I am trying to convey here? We try to figure out what people are thinking without asking them what they are thinking. What we feel they may be thinking may be totally untrue. Maybe, he is thinking that you reaching your goal is the best thing for you. Maybe, she doesn't think she is all that at all, but maybe she is shy, and she struggles with a low self-esteem.

I speak about this topic from my own personal experiences. So many times in the past, I have had people make comments to me, such as: "You think you are better than everybody else." This statement is totally wrong, because I was always one of those people who suffered from a low self-esteem. What they may have considered as me being stuck-up was truly shyness, fear of being judged, and fear of rejection. How about this statement: "I know you said this about me." When in fact, the person assuming that they are the highlight of another's conversations may be totally wrong again. Sometimes, we think that other people are talking about us when in fact, they are too busy with their own lives, and they have already forgotten about the topic that you may be harboring in your own mind.

Life is too short to be worried about what other people may or may not be thinking. Nine chances out of ten, the person probably isn't thinking about or talking about you at all. They have probably already let go of the argument or the situation, and they have probably forgotten about it, and they are probably out having a good time without you even crossing their minds. Don't get so caught up in what other people are thinking. The truth of the matter is that we have no idea what anybody else is thinking, so stop trying to figure it out all the time.

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