Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011


Our feelings and emotions can be overwhelming at times causing us to go from one extreme to the next within a short time frame. Whether it would be happiness, sadness, or depression, our feelings can overtake us. Then there may be other times that we are so stunned by some new realization that we feel only numbness. This is where I am tonight. My family just received some very disturbing news about my husband's job, and the only feeling I can feel at this point in time is numbness. Sometimes, we just need to embrace our feelings and to recognize how our feelings are controlling the world around us.

When you become numb like I am at this moment in time, don't fight the feeling. Instead embrace your feeling and tell yourself that you may be feeling numb right now, but this feeling will not last forever. It will pass, and one day soon you will be laughing again and talking about how everything in life happens for a reason. You may be in tears at this moment like I was earlier today when we first received the news; again, this feeling of sadness will pass. It won't last forever.

Sometimes, our feelings put up road blocks in our lives. I believe I am at a point of numbness right now, because I have accepted what is about to happen to my family's way of life. Life as we have known it for the past 21 years is about to change. Yes, we may have to part with some personal belongings and possibly even our home, but as long as my family is together that is truly all that matters. We can find a new home, and we can find new belongings once we are stable again. So, as I embrace my feelings, I am accepting things as they are, and I am looking for solutions to help us through this new ordeal. Who knows, maybe I will land a new job tomorrow. Don't hide from your feelings, and don't let your feelings control you; however, embrace your feelings and peace will follow.

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