Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 11, 2011


Sometimes, I get down, and I start to wonder why the Creator brought me to this world in the first place especially if someone or something comes against me. I will brood, cry, whine, and sulk for days if not weeks at a time. I will beat myself up emotionally telling myself what a horrible person I am especially if someone has issued those types of statments to me.

However, something will happen to make us realize that we are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to other people!

The last month has been very brutal on me emotionally. Two family members came against me with horrible comments which degraded my character. I truly wanted to give up on life, on living, on working, on existing. I wanted to build a bubble and stay in that bubble and never leave my house. However, that is not a rational decision considering that I do need to contribute to my family's bills. So, I received a call to substitute today (a half day), so I put on my big girl panties, and I took the job. It was at a school where I worked six weeks consecutively before Christmas vacation.

As I was standing in the hallway waiting to enter a classroom, the student who I had been working with one-on-one for that six week period saw me and waved to me. He actually looked excited to see me, so I walked over to his locker to ask him how things were going with his new Personal Care Assistant. He told me that everything was going well, and he said he had not gotten into any type of trouble since I had left him. I was thrilled, because this boy was notorious for spending most of his time in the principal's office. Later on that day when speaking to one of the full-time aides at the school, she informed me that this boy misses me a great deal. She stated that he is constantly making comments in his classes that he wishes I was still with him on a daily basis. Another boy told me that he wishes I could be his full-time aide. He looked at his teacher and stated that he thinks I am great.

All this prasie put an end to all those negative feelings I had taken on from the negative attacks from my family members. My family members may not appreciate me, but some of the students of my local Junior High School love me!

So, just remember, when you think that everyone in the world is against you, and you hear yourself making statements such as, "Everyone hates me," or "Nobody loves me," I will guarantee you that there is someone in this world who thinks the world of you!

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