Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 22, 2011


Do you ever find yourself going through your days on autopilot? What I mean is, do you just go through the motions of daily life without recognizing what surrounds you? Lots of people get into the habit of going from point a to point b and not even realizing how they got there. Have you ever gotten in your car and driven to your destination without remembering passing anything along the way? You are on autopilot, my friend.

Everyone on planet Earth has had an experience of autopilot syndrome. We get into the motions of rushing from here to there that we forget to look at the beauty which surrounds us. Just the other evening, my family and I were driving over one of our local mountain ranges at dusk just as the sun was setting. The breathtaking view of the sunset awed even my fourteen year old son. The crimson red mixed with the golden hues against the vibrant blue sky was mesmerizing. All we could say was, "WOW! Look at that awesome view!"

We were able to find beauty at a local art galery as well. Who could think of a better place to find such beauty? Thomas Kinkade has been blessed with a beautiful gift of recognizing the beauty that surrounds us all! Look at a Thomas Kinkade painting, and you will be transported to another world!

Even if sunsets and painting are not your thing, you can find beauty surrounding you no matter where you go. Learn to find the beauty which surrounds you on a daily basis! It may change your outlook on life.

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