Friday, January 21, 2011

January 19, 2011


Last night I had a dream that I was trying to get into a room, but there was no door. There was only a window, so I looked at the size of the window, saw that I could fit through, and I crawled through the window to the other side. I have always heard that sometimes God tries to get our attention while we sleep and dream. I am not sure if that is what was happening last night, but maybe, God is trying to tell me to look for the open windows in my life. That statement seems a lot easier to say and hear than it is to do.

Lately, I have been stressed about not having a job, the burden of my increasing debt, and wondering how I am going to continue to make my monthly bill payments since my subbing hours have been decreased since the New Year. I was fortunate to work six consecutive weeks before the holidays, but now I am lucky to get one full day a week. I have been filling out job applications, but I never even get a call for an interview. My guess is companies do not want to take their chance with me because I have a bad back, so I am limited to what types of jobs I can do which excludes any type of heavy lifting job. Unfortunately, I live in an area where there is mostly factory work or fast food businesses. Even though I possess an Associate’s Degree in Business Management, the telephone never rings for any kind of interview. The thought of returning to school for my Bachelor’s degree has entered my mind a few times in the last several months; however, I am not sure if I am willing to commit another $30,000 to my education if I am unable to land a job with my Associate’s Degree. It seems like a huge waste of money.

Each day I try to find the silver lining for why I am not getting an opportunity at a full-time job. Maybe there is something in the near future that is going to come up that is not going to allow me to work at a full-time job. Maybe I am too busy wallowing in self-pity of not making an income that I am passing by that open window. I am not sure how my future will turn out; however, don’t be afraid to keep your eyes open for that open window. If all the doors seem to be closed, keep your eyes peeled for that open window!

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