Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17, 2011


How many times in a day do you say "I love you" to those who mean the world to you? Are there days where you are so busy that you don't even think about saying those words? Get in the habit of saying those words at least one time a day. You might say that you do not have anyone in your life to say those words to, but I would argue that there are people in your life who would benefit greatly from hearing you say those words. Here is a list of a few people you may want to tell you love them: mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, sister, brother, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, cousin, step-family members, best friends, etc. If you still are thinking you have no one to say those words to, maybe an animal would love to hear those words. If you don't own an animal, maybe you love nature, but identify at least one person or thing that you love and say the words everyday.

Have you ever heard the saying "Love makes the world go around." There seems to be a love revolution going on in the world these days. Actually, Joyce Meyer has a book out called "Love Revolution". I haven't read it yet, but as soon as I get the extra money to buy it, I will add it to my book collection. Jesus even spoke about love being the most important commandment. To love each other as we love ourselves that is the most important commandment. In the book "The Power" by Rhonda Byrne, she explains how love replaces all feelings of hate and animosity. Once a person learns to love, all hate disappears.

Now, in my personal journey, I am still learning this concept. I can say that I truly do not hate anyone; however, it is hard for me to love those who have hurt me in the past. That is one area of my life that I continue to work on daily. However, the more I learn and grow, I am confident that one day I will be able to fully love those who have hurt me.

Ask yourself who might benefit from hearing you say the words "I love you." Maybe you have been meaning to call that friend who lives across the country who you haven't spoken to in quite a while. Maybe you haven't spoken to your siblings in a while because you are so busy with living life. Pick up the phone and make that call. Not only will you brighten that person's day, but you will show that person that you care. Don't be afraid to say the words "I LOVE YOU!" And do it every day!

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