Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2, 2011

"Enjoy the simple things that life has to offer!"

So many people get caught up in the big, fancy houses, the luxury model cars, the high-paying jobs, the elaborate job or career titles, but they forget about the important aspect of life...the simple things! They are too busy making a living, and they forget to actually live their lives. Their child walks by them in the morning on his or her way to the kitchen to make himself or herself breakfast, and as the child passes his or her parent the child says, "Good morning mom or dad. I love you." The parent responds, "Yeah, yeah, hurry up and go get your breakfast. We are running late. I have a big meeting this morning." The child saunters into the kitchen heartbroken because all he or she wants is love in return. The simple things! The important things! Watch a child and see how he or she can get lost in play for hours at a time. Boys playing with their G.I. Joe toys, and girls playing with their Barbie dolls. They are so content and happy, and they need nothing else in their lives at that particular point. The simple things.

Enjoy the sunrise in the morning as you are having a piping, hot cup of coffee or tea (or whatever beverage or morning breakfast item you prefer). Enjoy the sunshine as it heats your face as you walk to your car or the crisp, fresh briskness of a fall or winter morning. Enjoy your loved ones laughter and their smiles. Take time to hug the ones you love and tell them that you love them. When someone speaks to you....listen to what they have to say. How many people ask you how you are and you simply reply "Good. How are you?" But you are truly not listening. You are trying to hurry to your next destination. Enjoy the sunset on your drive home from work at night. Enjoy the clouds, the rain, the flowers, the trees. Enjoy what nature has to offer.

Several years ago, my family was supposed to move to Denver, Colorado. We were excited for a change in our lives. This was a huge opportunity for my husband to grow in his company. We planned a trip to Denver to look for a home, and when we first arrived, my husband, son, and I were deeply disappointed in the scenery. Denver was brown. There was no grass, or greenery, and the rocky mountains looked like jagged, sharp, rocky peaks hence their name. To some, Denver is a beautiful part of the country; however, this scenery did not appeal to us. We quickly missed our green grass and green mountain ranges of the Appalachian Mountains. We decided to stay in Pennsylvania, and my husband took a different job within his company. From that day forward, we look at our natural scenery in a whole new light. We no longer take our mountains for granted, but we look upon them with awe and wonder.

Enjoy the simple things in life! To God these things are not simple, but elaborate, beautiful creations He created for our enjoyment! Start enjoying the simple things the world has to offer.

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