Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 16, 2011


This can be a difficult feat for some people including myself. So many friends over the  years have uttered those words to me time in and time out. My reply would most definitely be a sigh with an, "I know" attached to it. However, how does a person learn to love himself or herself whenever he or she may have grown up in such a negative household. Self-love would have been considered selfish, conceited, or possibly downright sinful.

As a young child and teenager, I remember on quite a few occassions being told by my mother that I was not good enough. I was not good enough to be a certain girl's friend or different boys girlfriend. I was not rich enough or pretty enough. The list goes on and on. I never remember being told I could do something, but instead I could not do it because I was not good enough. Being told you are not good enough time after time throughout your childhood days, leaves a person scarred with a low self-esteem.

However, one does not have to live his or her entire life thinking that he or she is not good enough. Just because someone else in your life perceived you as not good enough does not mean it is true. Actually, it's NOT true at all! You are good enough! As Joel Osteen would say, "You are a child of the most high God!" You have purpose, and you are GOOD ENOUGH! Don't believe those words that may have been spoken over you while you were young! Maybe the person who spoke those words over you didn't have anyone in his or her life to encourage them to think differently about life. If they felt that way about you, then they most definitely felt the same way about himself or herself.

Learn to accept yourself for who God made you to be! Acceptance is the first step to healing all wounds. Change your perspective on life and learn to love yourself! You are definitely "GOOD ENOUGH!"

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