Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 4, 2011

"Make memories every single day!"

No matter how dull you might think your life is, you have the capability to make memories every single day. Making memories is as easy as starting a conversation with your child while driving him or her to school in the morning. I know my son and husband are natural comedians, so taking a drive anywhere with either of them is usually a joyful occasion. They can have me in stitches about something as simple as the weather or a tv show.

You can learn to make memories while cooking dinner in the evenings. Instead of your children being glued to the tv set, invite them into the kitchen to help you prepare the meal. Sit down as a family and eat together. Ask your child what he or she learned in school that day. Ask your spouse how his or her day was at work, or if they are at home all day, inquire how their day went anyway. During dinner, don't be afraid to turn off the cellphone or computer. Get engaged with your family. Have the family help clean up after dinner and sit down together and play a board game or a computer game.

One doesn't need a holiday, birthday, or huge celebration in order to make lasting memories. Lasting memories can be made on a daily basis as long as you have the people with you that you love. Go make a memory!

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