Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 13, 2011


As I have been thinking all day of a topic to talk about, this one word keeps coming to mind: relax. It seems like people are constantly busy these days. They always have to have something to do, something on their schedule, something to occupy their time. I witnessed this first hand about 10 years ago when I was taking my son to swimming lessons. Most of the parents there had their children involved in so many activities that I wasn't sure how the poor children did it all. Swim lessons were every night Monday through Friday. Plus, parents would have their children involved in several sporting events, girl and boy scouts, and numerous after school activities. Just thinking about it made me tired, and at the time, I was still young. I would watch one parent yell at his one son to finish his homework while sitting on the bleachers by the poolside while his other son learned the art of swimming.

Wow! Things sure have changed since I attended school. The only afterschool activity I was involved in was the 4-H club and I believe that was only one night a week for a few weeks out of the school year.

There is nothing wrong with afterschool activities, I just used that as an example. Afterschool activities build character. Even people with no children are constantly on the go and afraid to sit down.

Learn to relax! You do not need to be doing something every minute of every day. You are allowed to sit down and relax and read a book from time to time. Sit down and drink a nice cup of coffee and actually enjoy it instead of wolfing it down on your way out the door in the mornings. Relax! Life is too short to be busy all of the time.

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