Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 9, 2011 (Late Post)


How often do you smile at the people you see? Are you in such a hurry to your destinations that you do not even pay attention to the people you pass on the street? A smile can brighten everyone's days. If you are having a bad day, your day will get better if you just make it a point to smile. That person you pass on the street might be having a bad time of it, and a smile might make his or her day.

The one person I can think of who smiles all the times is Joel Osteen. While reading his books, I have learned that he has smiled all his life even as a child. He joked in his one book that his basketball coach as well as other people in his life always commented on how he always smiled as a child.

Some of us did not have the upbringing that Joel Osteen had, but that does not matter. Our childhood is in our past, and it does not make us who we are today. Sure it shapes us hopefully into better people, but we are not our pasts. If we can look to the miracle of today and smile, our days can be made better. We might even brighten someone else's day. That smile of yours might be the only good thing that might happen to someone in a given day.

Learn to smile everyday! Each day will get better and brighter the more you smile!

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