Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 7, 2011 (Late Post)


Are you like me? Do you sit around and think about your so-called enemies or people who do not like you? Do you try to change the situation and try to get those people to like you, but you only seem to make things worse? Well, STOP trying!

Five years ago as I was crying over someone walking out of my life, my husband gave me a quote by T.D. Jakes that stated to let it go for 2006! His message was clear that if people walk out of your life just let them go. Don't try to talk them into staying, don't beg them to be your friend, release them because if they do not return they were never attached to you. It clearly was not meant to be.
Well, it is five years later, and I am just now starting to understand this message my husband gave me years ago. In the past year while dealing with my husband's life threatening illness, I have had many friends and family members walk out of my life. They wanted to hear nothing about my husband's illness, and they clearly showed no sympathy for what my family was facing on a daily basis. I even had one family member make the comment, "People have their own lives to live. They cannot be concerned with what you and your family go through on a daily basis." My best friend of 27 years turned her back on me and walked away which truly hurt me because I helped her through so many of life's battles including flying to Florida from Pennsylvania for the funerals of her daughter and father.

As people continued to walk out of my life and show no concern for my husband's battle with cancer, something finally dawned on me!  STOP focusing on those people who do not matter! My main focus and concern had to be on my husband and my son! They are the only two people who I needed to cast my attention! Do not be like me and waste your precious time by focusing on people who do not matter and who will never care about you or the struggles you face. Instead, focus on the people who love you and who you love!

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