Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14, 2011


What we think, we become! If we think that life is crap, then our life will reflect back to us exactly what we think; however, if we think that life is wonderful, then that is the kind of life we will have. Mike Dooley in his book, "Infinite Possibilities" said that our circumstances are not what break us down in life, but our perspective of the circumstances is what makes or breaks us. Most hard times in our lives are merely learning experiences, and what we take away from those times is strictly up to us. We can sit around feeling sorry for ourselves, or we can look at how we can change the situation if it can be changed. Sometimes, our situations cannot be changed because they are beyond our control. However, if we sit back and look at the bigger picture, we will find a valuable life lesson. 

Everyone faces challenges in life! Everyone has a sad period once in a while! However, we need to force ourselves out of that dark hole, and we need to force ourselves into living the life that we were meant to live. A life of happiness, and a life of beauty! Sometimes, bad things happen in life to get our attention. For instance, as you all know, three weeks ago, I wrecked and totaled my car; a car that I loved very much. Now this situation made me feel grateful to still be alive, and then I went through a period of anger, and then a period of sadness. I think the reason I wrecked my car was because the Universe was trying to get my attention. The Universe was forcing me in a different direction. I wasn't hurt in the car accident...thank God for that! But something happened that I had been praying to God for help in a certain area. That area was deliverance from all the debt that my family is in from the medical bills and other accumulated bills. Once my husband pays off the balance of the loan which the car insurance would not cover, my family will no longer have a car payment. We can then take that money that we had been using for the car payment to pay off some of our other bills. Now, I will admit that trying to share one car is a bit difficult, but I know we can do it until we can afford to buy another vehicle. 

Once you start recognizing what you have to be grateful for in life, your life will start to change in positive ways. We have a choice to either focus on our hardships, or we can focus what we have already been blessed with. Each day is a beautiful gift, and what we do with our precious time is our decision. Our life is a reflection of the attitude we have toward life!

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