Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 18, 2011


Have you ever heard of gratitude rocks? Gratitude rocks are simply rocks that you carry with you in your pocket to remind you of all you have to be grateful for in life. When you start feeling down, you put your hand in your pocket, remove your rock, look at your rock, and remember everything in your life that has brought you meaning and blessings. Gratitude rocks can also be larger, such as a paperweight that you sit on your desk at work to remind you of your blessings. However, in my own life, I started out small with two small rocks that my son gave me from his rock collection; a pink rock and a green rock, that I keep in my pocket to remind me of the love my son and husband share with me.

Gratitude rocks are a symbol of our blessings! When I first started out on this inspirational journey, I wasn't the most happiest person to be around. I was sort of a negative naysayer, and I have read lots of inspirational books to help to get me back on the right positive track. One book I read was The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, and in that book is where I learned about gratitude rocks. So, I asked my son to choose me two rocks from his rock collection which I could use as my gratitude rocks, and he chose two very beautiful rocks that I cherish. Now, you do not have to use fancy, colored rocks that you need to buy at a store. You can simply find some rocks outside while you are walking along, and you can use those as your gratitude rocks. All you need is a small stone to carry with you that you can hold when your emotions become down which will help to remind you of all your blessings.

If you want to live a more positive life and if you are having a hard time getting started on your path, find some rocks that you can use as your gratitude rocks that you can carry with your throughout your days. I know this act probably sounds silly, but it does help to transform your life. Every time I felt myself becoming depressed during my day, I simply took out my rocks and reminded myself of all the blessings I already have in my life. Carry a gratitude rock with you everywhere you go and watch it transform your life into something amazing!

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