Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 24, 2011


Have you had people who stepped up and helped you while you may have been facing difficult times? Do you remember these people when they may be facing troubling times, or do you go about your own business not paying them any mind? It is very important that we remember the people who help us in our lives. If someone helps you out when you desperately need someone, remember them when they are going through difficult periods. 

When we give to others, we allow the Universe to give to us. However, we should not give just to get back. We should give for the pleasure that helping others brings. I have always been a natural giver. I believe this trait came from my Dad, because he was also a giver. The joy I feel when I help someone who needs my help is absolutely amazing. 

Giving does not require you to go out buy extravagant gifts. We can give back by sharing things that do not cost us anything. For instance, you can call someone when you know they need a friend to talk to, or you can send a friend a card just to tell them what they mean to you. Never forget the people who are there for you during your life. Give back to those who help you!!!

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