Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 21, 2011


There will always be people in our lives who will need us to be understanding while they may be facing rocky roads or who may be having a bad day. Sometimes, the people who are close to us just need someone to listen to them vent. When someone you know is facing some negative circumstances be there for that person and be understanding of your friend's frustrations. 

Today my son had a difficult day at school. He took his Yu-Gi-Oh cards, which is a card game, along to school, so that he and his friends could play the game after they got finished eating lunch. Well, today a boy who was supposed to be my son's friend stole two of his very rare cards. When my son confronted the boy about the situation, the boy denied it, and the teacher who was on duty in the cafeteria did not look through the other boy's cards in order to see if he had taken my son's cards. When I picked up my son from his after school program, he was very upset that this had happened to him. What I did was listen to my son vent about his cards being stolen. I explained to my son that he had every right to be angry, because it is never easy when someone else takes what we work so hard for ourselves. My son uses his allowance to buy his own cards, and the two cards which were stolen were very special to him because one he got while participating in a tournament and the other his father had given to him as a gift. I explained to my son not to allow this event to get him down, but to use this circumstance as a learning experience. He agreed that he would never take his cards back to school again.

When others are facing frustrating periods in their lives, be that friend who will listen intently and actually listen. Sometimes others need us to be there for them to help guide them through trying times. Just remember how you feel when you are having a bad day, and you wish that you had someone to talk to. Be that person in another's life! Help others face their frustrations! You will be helping others through hard days.

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