Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 29, 2011


Would you recognize a blessing when one is granted to you, or are you too busy in your everyday routine that  a blessing could be knocking on your door and you would never see it to appreciate it? Sometimes we need to slow down in life to appreciate the blessings that we are given every day. Today my family had many blessings bestowed upon us, and I am very fortunate that I recognized these blessings, and I thanked God right away! Blessings can come in all shapes in sizes. However, we must be awake and in the here and now to recognize when we are being blessed. 

My son attends an after school program. Today when I picked him up, I realized that it is the end of the month and his membership fee for next month was once again due. I had stated earlier in the week that I wanted to pay cash for his membership dues; however, after I paid my bills today, I had no money left over. The only method of payment I had was my credit card which has gotten out of control since my husband became ill two years ago. As I handed the lady at the front desk my credit card, she looked at me and told me that my son's account had a credit which would cover the entire cost of the dues plus I would have a few dollars left over toward November's fee. The program had credited days my son had missed in August after I had my car accident, and I wasn't working. I hadn't even asked them to credit the days! They did it without my knowing which was a total blessing! I stood there and I thanked God in front of everyone! 

After that my family went grocery shopping for the first time in several months. My husband was fortunate enough to have received gift cards as an award from his place of employment for 15 years of service. We were able to buy all our groceries without spending a dime of our own money, and we walked away with a balance on the gift card! Another amazing blessing! We also received dinner for free, because a local convenience store opened a new store, and they sent my husband coupons in the mail for free sandwiches and beverages! Another amazing blessing today!!!

Don't be so distracted by life that you forget to recognize when God is blessing you! We receive blessings every single day, and it is up to us to appreciate those blessings or we can just take them for granted. If we appreciate them, we will be granted more blessings! If we ignore all our blessings, we might not be granted with as many. Each day in itself is a beautiful blessing, and what we do with each of our minutes from each of our days is completely up to us! Count your blessings! You are given many!

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