Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 17, 2011


You have probably always heard to be grateful for the things that you have already been blessed with; however, did you ever think about being grateful for things that you don't have? Sometimes, it is easier to get caught up in thinking about what we feel we lack in life. These ideas of lack can bring us emotions of depression and inadequacy. Maybe you should stop and think about the things that you should be grateful for that you don't have in life. 

If you look at your life, you will probably see how fortunate you really are. If you have your health, you have more than what some people in this world have. I once knew someone who was a miserable person to be around. This person was going through a divorce, and the spouse had been rewarded soul custody of the children. This person looked at everything negative in his life instead of looking at anything positive. When I tried to explain to him that he had so much to be grateful for including perfect health, this person did not want to hear anything I had to say.

If you are blessed with good health, then that alone is something to be grateful for. You should be grateful that you have not been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. You should be grateful that you do not have to live your life through chemotherapy or radiation treatments. You should be grateful that you don't have to have any major surgeries. When life starts to get you down, just remember to be grateful for the things that you do not have!

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