Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20, 2011


How many difficulties are you facing in your life right now? Does it seem like one challenge after the other keeps knocking on your door? Are you tired of facing struggles and wondering why you are going through rough patches in your life? Our difficulties build our character, and they help to strengthen us into better individuals. 

For the past several years, it seems like my family has been facing one struggle after another. I won't go into detail of every circumstance that my family has faced; however, the last struggle we have faced is trying to share one vehicle when my husband and I both have to go back and forth to work, and my husband works in a town 30 miles from our home. For the past three weeks, my family has been leaving before sunrise to drive my husband to his job, so that my son and I can get back to our hometown in time to drop off our son at school, and I can get to work by 8 a.m. Today my husband and I stopped at a local car dealership, test drove a nice used vehicle, and applied for the car loan. However, due to all the outstanding medical bills my family owes from my husband's cancer treatments, we did not qualify for an automobile loan. I could allow this information to get me down, or I can accept it and move on. It is a difficulty which will make me stronger. I will just have to concentrate on getting some of our other debt paid off before I will be able to get another car.

It is not our adversities which  break us in life, it is our perception of the adversities. We can look at our difficulties negatively, or we can look at them as learning experiences, and we can allow these struggles to strengthen us and make us better. It is not good practice to allow self-pity into your life. Look at your circumstances and see how you can become stronger.

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