Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 6, 2011


Dear Friends,

Tonight my blog is going to be short, sweet, and too the point, because I am having technical difficulties with my computer. It keeps locking up on me and freezing which requires me to shut it down and to start all over again. These technical difficulties are creating a lot of stress for me, and I find it more beneficial to just walk away from stressful situations before they create a multitude of negativity in your life.

Walking away allows a person to regain his or her composure and allows the person to analyze the situation more clearly. Maybe there is a reason that everything isn't working out your way at the present time. Maybe you are meant to be doing something different at the present moment instead of what you are presently trying to accomplish. For instance, maybe the Universe is trying to get me away from the computer and is trying to tell me to go spend quality time with my son and husband. My husband does have a big day ahead tomorrow, because he is going to the hospital for his quarterly check up to make sure the cancer has not returned. So, I am thinking the Universe is telling me to go relax with my family. Instead of getting more aggravated about my computer running slowly, locking up, and acting like a hunk of junk, I am going to shut it off and try again tomorrow. 

Sometimes, life requires us to just walk away!

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