Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 1, 2011


Over the years I have lost touch with most of my close friends either due to friends moving away, or because the friendships just did not work out. Looking back at how some of my closest friendships ended is probably the reason why I distance myself from forming new friendships especially with women. Tonight I had to stop at the store after I picked up my husband from work. As my family was about to walk into the store, I spotted a lady that I work with from time to time while I do subbing work for our local school district. We were soon chatting, and we chatted the entire time while my husband and son went into the store to pick up the items we needed, and we were still chatting when they came back out of the store. 

I had truly forgotten that little chats with friends can be very meaningful. In the short time that we were chatting, I soon realized that many of the issues my friend is facing are all issues that I have faced in my own past. When I looked at my friend tonight and told her that she could get through the trials she was facing, I knew what I was talking about, because I had gone through similar issues.

It dawned on me tonight that God brings certain people into our lives not only for our own benefit of making new friends, but also for the other person's benefit. We might be able to provide insight for someone who is going through bleak times. God may be giving us the opportunity to be this person's cheerleader, because the person may not have anyone else to give them encouraging words. When someone you know is going through hard times, take the time to sit down and have a nice, enjoyable conversation that may benefit both of you!

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