Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 3, 2011


As I was reading another inspirational page tonight, I found myself amazed at how people do not respect each others religions or their beliefs. It blew my mind by the number of religious people who were getting into arguments and picking fights over a simple post a lady made on her inspirational page. A few people were trying to shove their beliefs and philosophies down everyone else's throats instead of respecting other people's beliefs. Do you know what the funny thing is about a belief? It cannot be proven, so it doesn't matter how much two people argue to prove their point, it cannot be done. Learn to respect each other's religions and beliefs, and do not fight with another person just to prove that your perspective is the right one. 

I don't even like to discuss religion on my page, because it creates so many arguments. I wasn't even sure if I should write about it for my blog, but the topic felt right. It bothers me that people think that you cannot believe in God without following a particular religion. I won't go into detail about my beliefs, but I will state that I am not religious. I believe in God, The Creator, The One, The Whole, whatever you would like to call Him; however, I am not a fan of religion. 

The next time someone starts to speak to you about religion, and if your beliefs do not match up with theirs, simply explain to them that you do not discuss religion. This is what I am learning to do, because so many people will just keep trying to argue with you in order to prove their point. One lesson I have learned in life is to respect other people's beliefs and especially their religion. Most religions worship the same God anyway, so fighting about who is right and who is wrong is pointless. Just give each other respect!

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