Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 6, 2011


During the holiday season it can be very easy to become selfish and only think about our own immediate families. However, it is always nice to think about others who may not be as fortunate as what we may be, and it is very rewarding to share to those who may otherwise not have a holiday. It is extremely important to teach our children at a young age to give to others particularly strangers. 

Ever since my son was very young my family has been buying Christmas gifts for the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program. Years ago, I would choose the angel, and I would have my son help me to choose a gift for the child. Since my son is now a teenager, I allowed him to choose the angel from the angel tree, and I allowed him to choose what gifts we would give the child. It has always amazed me at how excited my son would get about buying gifts for people we do not know. I remember one year the child asked for a basketball hoop, and my son kept saying that he would have loved to have seen the child's face when he opened his basketball hoop Christmas morning. Helping another child brought joy into my son's life.

The younger our children are when we teach them to give to others, the more they want to give as they get older. Now, my son reaches into his pocket for coins every time we walk past a Salvation Army kettle. When my son does this, it makes me feel good that my husband and I taught our son what the Christmas season really means. Teach your children the importance of giving, and our future generation will be a loving, caring, and generous society. 

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