Monday, December 5, 2011

December 4, 2011


It is pretty safe to say that I am a quitter. Now to some that might seem like a negative comment, and I guess it is to some extent, but it is true! I usually quit everything I start, and I very seldom follow through. There are numerous jobs from my past that I have worked for a short period of time, and I just gave up and quit. When I was a little girl, I quit playing the recorder. The only thing I didn't quit at was High School. I quit college in my junior year after earning 72 credits, and I nearly quit at my marriage many times. Even with this blog, I nearly quit on many occasions especially when dealing with my sad feelings and depression. However, this past year no matter how many times I tried quitting writing this blog, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I finally created something in my life that I am truly following through with. I've come to far not to finish what I started. 

Making that goal nearly a year ago to write an inspirational message every day for 365 days has taught me that I can start something, I can follow through, and I do not need to quit all the time. As this year will soon be ending, I will need to come up with a new theme for next year. So, I am asking my readers to make suggestions about what you think I should write about in the coming year. God willing I will finish my goal in the next few weeks, and if people are still interested in reading, I will continue to write about inspiration. 

What should I write about in 2012???

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