Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 7, 2011


Every three months my husband and I hop in the car, and we take the 75 mile journey to the cancer center for his quarterly check-up. It would be easy to get nervous about his tests and the results, and I will admit that for the first year, we both did get unnerved every time we had to make that trip. However, each trip is getting easier, because now we expect positive results, and we expect the tests to come back just fine. 

My husband and I breath a huge sigh of relief when the doctor walks into the room after his CT Scan and delivers the results to us. We feel so much better when we hear the words, "Your tests are clear. Everything looks fine!" These are the words I expect to hear every time we go for his check ups. 

When you learn to expect positive results in your life, things seem to get a little easier. You start looking at all the positive aspects in life. You start to forget the negative things in life. Do yourself the favor and start to expect positive results with everything in your life!

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