Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 11, 2011


Today at work I had an eye opening experience. A man came into our restaurant who was in a wheelchair, and it was perfectly clear how he was having difficulty maneuvering his chair even though it was an electric chair. I took time to help this man with more things than most people would even bother to help him with. For instance, when I gave the man his credit card back to him, I put it in his back pack, and I helped him to zip it up. Instead of handing him his beverage cup, and expecting him to get his beverage on his own, I filled his cup and I took his food and cup to a table. When he was finished eating, I went over to him, and I took care of throwing away his garbage. Before I left him, the man said that he could use some napkins, so I went over and got him a few napkins. Some of my coworkers were not too happy with me because I was taking a lot of valuable time during our busy lunch rush in order to help one customer. However, no one else was stepping up to the plate in order to help this man, so I put myself in his shoes and I realized that I would be really grateful for anyone's help if I needed it. Don't be afraid to help someone who may be less fortunate than what you may be!

Sometimes, people who do not have any kind of disabilities may be a little intimidated when dealing with people who do have a disability. Sometimes, people tend to shy away from people who may be in a wheelchair. When you can see that someone truly needs some help, don't be afraid to offer a helping hand. I know I don't like to offer too much help in these situations, because you do not want to overstep boundaries. However, when you can see that someone is truly struggling, do not be afraid to help them out. 

Help someone who may be less fortunate than you!!! God will bless you for it! 

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