Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 20, 2011


Did you realize that it is a personal choice what  you allow in your life? Did you realize that you do not need to allow any kind of negativity into your life just because someone else thinks you should? Sometimes, when we are dealing with family members, we think that it is a given that we have to accept all of our family members regardless of what kind of lifestyle they may be living. However, if these people are negative forces in your life, and they try to bring you down to a level you are not comfortable with, then you do not have to allow these people into your life. It is your choice what you will or will not allow into your life!

My husband and I both come from huge families, and some of our family members are not the most supportive people to hang out with. Honestly, they can be downright insulting, rude, and vulgar. Years ago my husband and I made a decision that we would not take our son to any parties that certain family members hosted just because of the antics that went on at these parties. These parties were adult parties, and no child needed to be privy to such craziness. Throughout the years, some of our family members have become offended that we have not attended family functions, but through time we just stopped receiving invitations to family functions, and we are okay with that.

If you are uncomfortable around certain people or certain situations, then you do not need to allow it into your life. If someone close to you is extremely opinionated, and you do not like their opinions which you never asked for, then you do not need to allow this person access into your surroundings. Once you start allowing only positive thoughts and positive people into your life, then it is extremely difficult to be around negative influences. You will feel very uncomfortable, and you will realize that you really do not like being in these situations. It is your choice what you will or will not allow into your life, so choose wisely!!! It is your life, and no one else's!

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