Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October 12, 2011


Some people have a habit of trying to control other people and other people's lives. However, if they step back and look at their own lives, they would soon discover that their own life is out of control, because their inner soul is chaotic and out of control. Before you start telling other people how to live their lives, you need to learn to become the master of your own life. In order to accomplish this task, you need to learn to have control over every aspect of our life, such as controlling your emotions and controlling how you react to stressful situations. Learn to master yourself before you try to master others.

Throughout the years, I have learned that when one masters inner peace certain things, such as drama, cease to exist in our lives. We suddenly realize that we no longer need to be involved in all the chaos that overtakes the world. The way we react to stresses in life become more positive. I have found that when someone yells at me or becomes angry with me that I do not have to react the same way toward them. I am learning to breathe and think before I speak. I am also learning to let negative comments roll off my back instead of brooding over them and pondering over the situation for longer than necessary.

When we learn to become the master of ourselves, we start to mature, and we suddenly realize what is and is not important in life. We no longer entertain negative thoughts or actions that are not congruent to our inner peace. We suddenly awaken as if from a deep slumber to what is truly important in our lives. We learn that we are our own masters of the Universe. Learn to master yourself and mastering others will no longer seem important. 

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