Sunday, October 2, 2011

October 1, 2011


Today was the first weekend day that I have been scheduled to work since I started my second job. When my manager hired me, she asked if I would be available to work on the weekends. I asked her if she could please just schedule me for one day on the weekends, because it is extremely important to me to have at least one day during the weekend to spend with my family. My family is my life, and we have been through and continue to go through tremendous struggles, so our time together is very valuable and precious to me. I need to keep telling me that all my family's hard work will pay off in the end!

It is very painful for me to watch my husband's frustrations each week as he is balancing his budget and while watching him to try to figure out which bills will get paid this week. It breaks my heart knowing that my husband is under such tremendous stress trying to keep my family's finances afloat after all the stress he has already been through with his cancer treatments. I look at how unfair this situation is, and I am trying so desperately to help in every way possible. This is why I got a second job, and I applied for a third job this week. If I can take as much stress off his shoulders, the better I will feel. 

Life is truly a mystery. While my husband was ill, my family suddenly realized what is important in life, and that is our precious time together. Now, that my husband is well, our precious time is being taken away in order to make more money in order to pay for all the bills that have accumulated in the last two years. However, what I have realized that is I need to cherish the time my family does have together now, and we need to spend as much quality time together that we can. Time is such a precious gift, and we should never waste the moments we get to spend with the people we love. In the end, all my family's hard work will pay off, because one day we will dig our way out of this mountain of debt, and we will have done it on our own like we have always done in the past. We will then be able to spend more time together, because all that hard work will have paid off!

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