Thursday, October 27, 2011

October 27, 2011


How often do you get caught up in talking about what you do not want in life? When we talk about what we do not want in life, we are focusing our thoughts on the negative aspects of life. These thoughts go out into the Universe and reflect back to your own life. So in essence, you are creating for yourself a negative life by talking about what you do not want. Instead talk about what you do want in life. This way you are focusing on the positive things you want to happen in your life. In other words, like attracts like or positive attracts positive. 

As a society, I think we were conditioned to talk about what we do not want in life instead of what we do want. For instance, have you ever been running late for an appointment and the whole way out the door you keep saying, "I don't want to get caught in traffic!" What happens? You get caught in traffic! There is one time in my past that I remember very vividly, and I would like to share it with you now to prove how we get what we think about whether positive or negative. I was attending a church dinner with a friend of mine, and I was so worried about spilling my drink. I guess I was a little clumsy as a child. The entire way to the function I kept thinking about spilling my drink. The whole time while waiting for our food I kept thinking about spilling my drink. Guess what happened? I spilled my drink. The one thing that I did NOT want to happen did in fact happen, and I do believe it happened because I thought it into existence. I was focusing on the negative when I should have been thinking about what a good time I was going to have. Of course my day was ruined once I spilled my drink, because the negative came true. 

Now, I used an example of thinking a negative thought and it coming true, but the same is true with speaking words out loud. That is why it is very important that we think before we speak. If we are always complaining about our circumstances, the Universe is going to give us more things to complain about. You ask why? Because that is what we focus on more in life...the negative, and that is what you will see more clearly. Learn to think before you speak, and speak only what you want in your life! I am speaking positive into my life. I am speaking a wonderful job for myself into existence, because my family needs desperate help with our finances. I am speaking health to my husband, and I am believing that all his test results will be turn out fine. I am speaking only positive and wonderful things into my family's life. Talk about what you DO want and not so much about what you DON'T want in your life!!!

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