Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 26, 2011


Today was a bit stressful for my husband and I. The more I thought about the upcoming medical tests my husband needs to get done tonight, the more angry, upset, and frustrated I became throughout the day. My thoughts kept revolving around our families, or maybe I should say our families' lack of concern about my husband. Many of our family members turned their backs on my family, and when I confronted them as to why, some of them responded that I never asked for help. So, no one visited my husband in two years because I never begged them to come to our house and visit with my sick husband. Maybe I am an old fashioned type thinker, but I really do not think that anyone should need to beg for friendships including familial friendships. 

Has the world really become so busy that family no longer has time to visit with sick relatives? Do people really need a personal invitation to visit during trying times, so that you know that someone cares? Or are people so uncaring anymore and so wrapped up in their own lives that they truly do not have time to be bothered with anyone else or anything that someone else may be facing. I wonder how these "busy" people would feel if they took a walk in the other person's shoes. I wonder how they would feel if they were fighting for their lives, and no one had the time to call or visit them to cheer them on or to simply ask how they are feeling? Speaking from personal experience, going through a life-threatening illness alone is extremely difficult.

These past two years have left me disappointed with many of my family members. I find it hard to believe that in two years none of these people had an extra five minutes to just stop by and say, "Hey, how is it going?" I just need to accept the fact that these people have changed, and they no longer have room in their lives for my family. Does it hurt? Absolutely! We spent many family celebrations with these people over the years, but now our chapter in their lives is over. There is no need for me to keep wondering why these people have never visited or called my husband while he was ill. It is pretty safe to say that if they have not cared in two years, they are not going to care now just because we may be facing a new trial. You should never have to beg anyone to be your friend! A true friend will be there for you, and you will not have to ask them to be by your side! They will sense that you need them, and you will never have to beg!

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