Monday, October 31, 2011

October 30, 2011


The other day I wrote to you about an idea I had about having a Christmas dinner celebration including all my friends and family members. Well, this evening I told my mother about this idea my family has, and if you have read my past blogs, you will know that my mother is not a positive person. The first question she asked was, "Is it going to be worth it?" She then followed that question with, "Who on your side of the family will even come?" I told her that my one brother and sister-in-law will come, and I told her that I really do not care if any of my other family members attend. I know that many of my friends will be there, and that is all that matters. I told her, "YES!!! It will be worth it!"

Sometimes we have to be the ones in life who takes the initiative to pull things or people together. I always said that my father was the glue that held our family together, and when he passed on, our family lost our cornerstone, our rock that held it all together. There may be times in your life when you will need to put all your differences with people to the side, and try one more time to get everyone in agreement or even to try to get everyone in the same room together.

It seems like people only see each other any more at either funerals or weddings. In my family's case it is funerals, because we never get invited to any weddings. I don't want my next meeting with family members to be at a gloomy function, such as a funeral, so I want to try to get everyone together at a fun celebration, and what better holiday than Christmas. There will be plenty of people to tell me I am crazy, but that's okay. I will tell them that all my efforts will be worth it!!!

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