Friday, October 14, 2011

October 14, 2011


Nobody likes to be criticized or told they are making mistakes; however, sometimes, in life we need to be told if we are doing something wrong. There will be different times in our lives when we will feel that we cannot please anyone or especially certain people. As you all I know, I started a new job about a month ago, and I have had the feeling that I am damned if I do and damed if I don't at this job. However, with every criticism that I receive at this job, I learn a lesson, and lately that lesson has been patience and the ability to bite my tongue. When you receive constructive criticism, learn the lesson that the Universe is trying to teach you. 

Today at work I got yelled at for trying to help. In the last several weeks, none of my managers have had any problem with me trying to help to get the orders out in a timely manner. However, when I work with one girl in particular, she has issues with me trying to help her when I do not have any customers. Today she went to management and told them that I was trying to do her job which was far from the truth. I wasn't trying to do anyone else's job or step on anyone's toes, I was simply trying to help a coworker. However, I learned that this coworker does not want my help, and I no longer need to feel that I need to offer her any help. I was told by management to stay in my own area and let her do her own job even if I have to stand there and twiddle my thumbs with nothing to do. I personally feel that this is silly, but if this is how management wants the restaurant to be run then I will respect their wishes, and I will definitely follow the rules. 

Constructive criticism should not be taken personally, but used as a tool to help us learn so that we don't make the same mistake twice. In the last month, I have been receiving constructive criticism nearly every day when I go to work. It makes me realize how things have changed in the last 20 years since I worked in the same restaurant under different management. Each day is a new learning experience. I have learned not to get angry, and I have learned to let other people's negative attitudes just roll off my shoulders. Criticism can be hard to take at times, but I am learning just to grasp each lesson that comes with each criticism. Another thing I have learned is you cannot and will not be able to please everyone. 

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