Monday, October 24, 2011

October 22, 2011


Today I found myself becoming stressed about the holidays. I started to think of how my family will once again have to celebrate the holidays alone without our family members and friends. For the last several years, my family has not been invited to any kind of family functions. I am not quite sure why. I am not sure if people are afraid to be around my husband since he was diagnosed with cancer, or if people no longer invite us, because my family can no longer afford to host these types of parties, so we are not invited because we no longer invite people over to our own house. Whatever the reason, my family stays home and celebrates alone. However, what I am doing today is wasting today by worrying about the holidays which are a few months away. Don't waste today by worrying about tomorrow!

What I was doing today was wasting my precious time with my family. I was letting the future ruin my today. I was getting angry thinking about the holidays and about the possibility of my family being alone, and I was allowing those thoughts to invoke anger onto my family members. This action was not right at all, because my husband and son had no idea why I was getting angry. Looking at it now, it was very silly, because I cannot foresee the future, and I have no idea what the holidays may bring for us this year. 

Allowing your thoughts to ruin today is a practice in which you should break if you are one who makes this mistake. We need to learn to enjoy our NOW! We never know what is going to happen day to day, hour to hour, or even minute to minute. So, please learn from my own experiences, do not allow yourself to waste your precious time today by worrying about what may or may not happen tomorrow!

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