Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 18, 2011


Now, I know what you are thinking...LOL! You are thinking about the person who brings you the most grief in your life, and you are thinking, "Well, you do not know this person or that person in my life!" Your statement is true. I do not know the people in your life, but I do know the people who have brought me disappointment, drama, and grief in my own life. It might be a little difficult to think of these people as having good within them, but if you think about it long and hard, I bet you will remember some good that these people may have done since you have known them even if they may have let you down at this point in your life. I guarantee you that everyone has some good in them if you decide to look for it within them.

When I look back at the last two years of my family's life, the fact remains that more people walked out of our lives at this point in time than any other time in our past. Now, I can be bitter toward these people who no longer want to associate with my family since my husband was diagnosed with cancer, or I can look at the good that my family shared with these people in the past. We shared many family gatherings over the years with these people, including holiday celebrations and birthday parties, and these are pleasant memories that my family will never forget. These people were good then and they are good now. They have just decided to live their lives differently, and my family is no longer included in their plans. This does not make them bad people! They still have good within them! 

Everyone of us has good within us! We just have to be willing to search harder for the good in some more than others. If someone has let you down, just remember the good times that you once shared with that person. Sometimes, people move on, and they no longer have a need for us to be included in their lives. We just have to accept their decision, and move on with our own life. However, do not look at this person as bad! Just look for the good that you shared with this person at a different junction in your lives! Everyone has good within them!

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