Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 19, 2011


How is life treating you at the present time? Are you facing difficulties which make you wonder if you will be able to get through another day? Do you sit and wonder what life is going to throw your way next? Well, my friend, I can speak from experience that sometimes life can throw us curve balls that we do not like, and we especially do not want to have to deal with. However, we have to TRUST that our circumstances will not stay the way they are, but things will eventually get better.

Things may not get better as quickly as we might like, but I can reassure you that "You can only stay at the bottom for a certain amount of time before you start coming up again." A wise man told me that, and that wise man is my husband, and if anyone knows about being at the bottom, it is him! We need to have TRUST in the Universe that our life's situations will get better.

Each difficulty we face in life is meant to make us stronger. If you are anything like me, that statement might tick you off! Just remember that you will not face a challenge unless you are ready to receive the lesson that comes with the challenge. Mike Dooley in his book, Infinite Possibilities, teaches more on this matter. If you are in need of a good book, check it out!

Keep telling yourself every day and TRUST that things WILL get better!!! Nothing ever stays the same!!! 

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