Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 4, 2011


Yesterday I wrote about dealing with things until better things come along. The one thing I used as an example is my one part-time job, because I had such a terrible day at work, and I was getting yelled at by my assistant manager about everything and anything. However, I am writing today saying not to give up. Just because you might have a bad day one day does not mean that your next day will be terrible. Try again and never give up!

I know from personal experience that sometimes life can get you down; however, it is crucial that we keep moving forward and we never give up. During my family's darkest time of our lives, I had several friends walk out of my life, and it would have been easy for me to give up; however, I had two people who needed me more than those so-called friends and those people were my husband and son. Then just a few weeks ago when I had a car accident it would have been easy for me to give up once again, and for a brief period, the thought did enter my mind to throw in the towel. However, again, my husband and son need me, and there is no way I can give up. 

When you start thinking about giving up, just remember that someone else in the world has it worse off than you. Life is a precious gift, so never take it for granted! Keep trying! Keep moving forward! And NEVER give up!

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