Friday, October 7, 2011

October 6, 2011


There will be times in your life when you will look at difficult situations, and you will tell yourself that a positive outcome is impossible. It is my personal opinion from personal experiences that I can tell you that nothing is impossible as long as you tell yourself that you are possible. You can make anything you want happen in your life. It's up to you how hard you are willing to work in order to make it happen. Like Audrey Hepburn said, "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, I'm Possible!

I know I have said this before, but it is worth stating again and again, but that is that our circumstances are not what breaks us, but our reaction to the circumstances. So many people go through life looking and searching for happiness; however, they are always miserable because they do not realize that happiness is a choice, and they can choose to be happy on their journey to where they want to be in life. It does not matter what you may be going through in life, you can go through it with a smile on your face. My husband is a perfect example! He remained upbeat and positive the entire time while he was facing cancer. Even now as we face new struggles, he faces each day with a positive outlook. He teaches me many lessons in my own life. 

You are capable of changing your impossible thoughts by telling yourself that "I'm possible." Anything is possible if you are willing to make that dream or goal happen. For instance, when I was little I always wanted to go to college, so I had to be the one to make the impossible become possible. I went back to school a few years ago and earned an Associates Degree. Make the impossible in life change by looking at the word differently I'M POSSIBLE!

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