Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 28, 2011


Years ago my family would host several holiday celebrations within the year. We would usually host a Christmas dinner in December for our families, and then we would host another celebration in the summer time for our son's birthday. In the last several years, my family stopped hosting such celebrations, because of our financial situation. However, last night while speaking to my husband, he mentioned that it would be nice if the families would get together again for a holiday meal, so I posted a message on Facebook asking if any of our friends and family members would be interested in chipping in together to rent a hall in order to have a potluck Christmas celebration. So far, the response has been positive. Several of our friends and family members have messaged me saying they would love to participate in the dinner. 

Sometimes life gets too busy and hectic, and we forget to spend time with the people who mean the most to us. Sometimes we discount things that we used to do just because times are now tough, but we don't realize that people will be willing to help with putting these celebrations together if we can no longer do it ourselves. All we need to do is have ourselves a slice of humble pie, and let people know that we enjoyed the past celebrations, but explain to them that we cannot do it our own any longer. Most people will be more than willing to help us out. 

The more people who respond about our anticipated Christmas celebration, the more excited I become. It will be really nice to see people whom I have not seen in years. I just hope and pray that many people can put their differences aside in order to come together for a day of fun and love. Don't stop living your life with those who mean the most to you just because money might be tight. Ask if your friends or family members might be willing to help you put the celebration together. You might be surprised at the positive response you receive.

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