Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 16, 2011


Recently my son was invited to study in China this summer. Last night we attended the meeting about the program. When we left the meeting, my son was extremely excited about going to China this summer. However, before my husband would agree to sign him up for the program, he told us all to sleep on it and to give it some more thought today. By this evening, my son had changed from being excited to not being sure if he wants to attend the summer program in China. The one decision that is making him change his mind is that the trip will be over his 16th birthday and over the Fourth of July holiday. He mentioned that he does not want to celebrate his birthday without myself and his Dad. Since my son was still unable to make up his mind by the end of this evening, my husband and I told him to sleep on it for another night and to give it more thought tomorrow. 

This is a HUGE decision for my family! I told my son that the decision is his, and that his father and I will support him with either decision he makes. Even though I am extremely skeptical about my young son traveling half way across the world without my husband and I, I will still allow him to go if that is what he chooses to do. The experience is a once in a lifetime chance to explore an amazing nation, and the history he will be able to see is truly impressive. Seeing the Great Wall of China and the terracotta statues is something I would love to be able to do!

When having to make an important decision, it is better to take your time and to not rush into anything. Even if you have to take several days to ponder the pros and cons, then do it! Think about it, sleep on it, and then think, think, think some more!!! 

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