Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17, 2011


With the holiday season approaching very rapidly, some people in our world are stressing about whether or not they will have the money to buy their loved ones a small token of appreciation or even if they will be able to afford to put a small holiday dinner on the table. Some people have said that they will not be celebrating the holiday season this year due to lack of funds. I know my own family is cutting way back this year, and we will not be celebrating this Christmas with gifts like we have done in the past. My husband and I have agreed not to buy each other anything, and we have informed our son that his Christmas list will be cut back a great deal. This year has made me realize that helping others who are less fortunate than what we may be is extremely important. Ask yourself what you can do to help someone by giving this holiday season. Spread love by giving!

There are so many ways that we can help those who may be less fortunate. For instance, you can throw your lose change in the Salvation Army kettle, you can buy a toy for a child and donate it to your local Toys For Tots program, you can donate to your local food bank, you can donate your old, used clothing that you no longer wear to your local thrift store or Salvation Army, etc. 

This holiday season I challenge you to help at least one person you do not know! Spread love by helping a stranger! Learn to help by giving! You will be spreading love and making people smile, because you proved that someone cares!

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