Sunday, November 27, 2011

November 26, 2011


When people make comments to you, which comments do you listen to and digest more; the negative comments or the positive comments? In my own personal experiences, I have ALWAYS wallowed in the negative comments. For some reason, it is easier to remember the negative comments people make to us over the years than it is to remember the positive comments. For instance, several years ago, a family member made some very rude comments to me. I will tell you exactly what she said to me. Please be forewarned that there will be cursing involved. She said and I quote, "You are a big pile of shit, and everybody in my family hates you!" 

Now even though this comment was made several years ago, it is a comment that I have NEVER forgotten. Then last year another family member made another comment to me that I have not forgotten, and his comment was and I quote, "You are the problem in the family! You are the one who is keeping your husband away from his family!" Again, another negative comment that I have NEVER been able to let go. Why do you think it is easier to remember the negative comments than the positive comments we receive in life? I think it's because these comments hurt our feelings, and we do not want others to think of us as less than perfect. 

The truth of the matter is that it does not matter what people think of us! The only thing that matters is what God thinks of us! God views our heart! Whereas, humans view our outward appearance. Sometimes, people don't even want to take the time in order to get to know us properly. They view us through other people's perception of us. 

In the last few years, I have received numerous compliments on a fine job I did with helping my husband through his cancer treatments and surgery process. However, it is easy to forget that others think we have done and continue to do a GREAT job! For some reason, we still focus on one or two people who view us as less of a person. Don't let one or two people's assumptions ruin the good life that you have built for yourself. When someone throws mean spirited words your way, let them know that their negativity no longer has any control over you. Some people are just miserable in nature, and they want everyone around them to be miserable, and especially people who rank low on their totem pole of friends. Learn to ignore these people's words, and remember the positive remarks you have received in your life! It is truly your decision which words you listen to!!! The ones that build you up or the ones that rip you down???

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