Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 8, 2011


How open minded are you really? I say really, because sometimes we think we are more open minded than what we really are. This morning while I was driving my husband to work, he wanted to have a discussion with me about our son being invited to study in China this summer. I have not been discussing this possibility, because I am skeptical about allowing our son to travel half way around the world without either my husband or I. My husband wanted me to open my mind to all the advantages our son may have by attending this exchange program trip. My husband explained to me how colleges look favorably on students who attend such programs. He also said how this type of opportunity would be beneficial to have on a job application. Even though I knew all these facts, I still was not being open minded to the entire situation. Our conversation this morning made me realize that I need to be more open minded about many things in my life.

There are so many different areas that I need to be more open minded, such as letting go of past resentments, hurts, and grudges. The more I thought about things today, I realized that I need to be more open minded about forgiving those who may have hurt me in the past. When you become more open minded, you realize that those who may have hurt you in the past may have been facing their own hurts at the time. Then it is easier to forgive them and move on with your life. 

Ask yourself how open minded you really are? You may be amazed at what you discover. You may learn that you are not as open minded as what you may believe yourself to be. I always thought that I was open minded, but I learned today that there are many areas where I am closed minded, and I need to learn how to have more of an open mind!

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