Sunday, November 27, 2011

November 25, 2011


The holidays are extremely difficult for me since no one from my husband's side of the family or my side of the family associates with us. It is pretty safe to say that over the years I have developed an inferiority complex. What exactly is an inferiority complex? It is when you feel that you are less of a person because of a few people's dislike of you. You might feel that you do not measure up to others, so you are constantly comparing yourself to others. I know for a fact that inferiority is a self-made complex, so do not fall into the trap like I have done. 

An inferiority complex can be helped along by people in our lives, such as parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, or coaches who may tell us that we just aren't good enough. In my own life, my mother was the culprit of my feelings of inferiority. All my life, I heard her say how I wasn't good enough for different things, such as not good enough to be certain people's friends because our family was poor. Then as the years went by, my feelings of inferiority increased when certain people in my husband's family refused to accept me as part of the family. Till this day, several of my husband's family members have me blocked on my personal Facebook profile, because they do not like me. Not only do they not like me, but they blame me for keeping my husband away from the rest of his family. Today my 15 year old son had to set me straight. He told me that these people are adults, and if they stay away from our family, it is because of their personal choice. They only use me as an excuse. My son is very wise!

Inferiority is a self-made complex, and it is up to you to bow down to these feelings or to stand up to these feelings. I suggest the later, because you are good enough! Stop repeating those same lines to yourself which you have heard all your life. Instead change the dialog that you speak to yourself. Start reaffirming yourself by making statements, such as "I am good enough" "I am a good person" "I deserve happiness" "People love me" Just because a few people including some family members may not like you does not mean that the entire world does not like you. Sit down and think for a moment, and I will bet you will be able to think of at least one person in this life who loves you! I know I have two very special people in my own life and they are my husband and son! There is no need for me to ever feel inferior around either one of them! Get over your feelings of inferiority!

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