Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 19, 2011


Can you tell when someone who is close to you is feeling down? Can you sense that they are not feeling themselves? My intuition is usually really awesome, so I can usually tell when someone I love is having a rough day. Get in tune with those around you, and learn how to pick up on another person's feelings. You will soon be able to spot when your loved ones need someone to cheer them up!

On Saturday evenings, my son attends Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments. If you do not know what Yu-Gi-Oh is, it is a card game. Well, this evening when my husband and I picked up our son I could tell that my son was in a sad mood. He wouldn't speak to us on our drive home which is very abnormal, because he is usually excited after his tournaments. When we got home, I sat down on the couch next to my son and asked him what was bothering him. He was feeling bad, because he had only won one match tonight. So, in order to cheer up my son, I sat on the couch with him while watching some of his favorite cartoon shows. 

If you learn to slow down and to focus on what is going on around you, you will soon learn how to realize when someone who is close to you needs someone there for them to cheer them up. You can usually hear it in their tone of voice, because they won't be chatting in a joyful tone. You can even learn to see it in his or her writing if you chat online a lot. Most of the time if people answer you with short answers, they might be having a down day. Learn to recognize when your friends and loved ones need you and cheer them up!!!

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