Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011


How are you feeling about yourself right now? Are you down because certain people forgot you over the Thanksgiving holiday? Do you dread the Christmas holiday, because you don't have anyone to celebrate with? Well, maybe you should think about becoming someone's angel! There are a multitude of people out in the world today who need someone to be there for them right now. And I bet you that there is someone out there right now who considers you their angel already!

There comes a time in our lives when we need to stop thinking about ourselves so much, and we need to start focusing on others. For instance, maybe your next door neighbor needs help raking their leaves, because they are not feeling well enough to do it themselves. Maybe someone you know is battling cancer right now, and they sure could use someone to cook them a meal once a week. Maybe a friend of yours is out of work, and their family won't be able to have a nice holiday season. Maybe you could send them a gift card to help out with their expenses. Maybe you could help a child who wouldn't have a Christmas without your help. The Salvation Army has their Angel Trees up right now, so why not go buy a gift for one of those children on an Angel Tree. 

Look at how you have already been an angel in someone's life. Maybe you were the shoulder to cry on for a friend. Maybe you gave one of your friends a birthday present during a very trying time in his or her life, and that helped to lift their spirits. You are angel by just being you, and the more you give to others without expecting anything in return makes your wings grow even wider. You are someone's angel!!! 

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