Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 30, 2011

525,600 MINUTES IN A YEAR!!!

The last couple of weeks have been extremely difficult for me! Since my family no longer associates with too many people, the holidays can become very depressing. Not only were the holidays bringing me down, but people's words from nearly a year ago were weighing very heavily on my mind. Then as I was speaking to my husband this morning, he said something that really clicked with me. He told me that I need to let go of certain people, and I need to not care about these people's opinions of me. When I asked him how I do that, he said the following, "I calculate the number of minutes that are in the year, and I divide it by the number of minutes I see these people in a year's time. If I only see these people for a few minutes out of each year, then their opinion truly does not matter. I see you every single day, so the only opinion that matters to me is yours."

This statement by my husband made me wonder how many minutes are in a year, so I googled it, and I found out that there are 525,600 minutes in a year. However, I was allowing people, who I saw possibly a total of 120 minutes this year, to ruin my happy life that I have built. There is one person who has been wrecking havoc on my thoughts, and I have not seen her any minutes this year. I was allowing the negative emails she sent me to ruin my happy days. 

Everyone is given the same amount of minutes every year! Are you allowing someone you only see for a few minutes each year to cause chaos in your life? I know I have been, and I have to admit that it is a total waste of my time. I am allowing that person to steal happiness from me now, and do you know what is funny....that person has no idea that he or she is making me unhappy. They said their harsh words, and they have moved on and they are enjoying their life. Now, the next time you allow someone else's opinion start to bring you down, ask yourself how many minutes out of the year you see this person. I bet that you are allowing someone you see for a brief period of time make you unhappy. Don't do that! I know my husband's statement made me reanalyze how I look at these people, and he is right. Their opinions do not matter! The only opinions that matter are the ones from people I spend a vast amount of time with each year!

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